EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (VIEJO DINOSAUR is our December contestant)


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Upon further review, the play on Tampa Bay -10.5 has been voided.

Arturo, feel free to post two plays on Friday.

Only with offsetting penalties in the NFL -- and an occasional misstep in EOG's Grand Challenge -- do you get to see the circumstance that happens many times on playgrounds and schoolyards across the country: the good old-fashioned do-over.
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What anyone saw in Iowa is beyond me.
What people who took Iowa saw was a team getting double digits in a very low totaled game, and while they struggle on offense, they're very good defensively, Michigan was coming off the huge emotional win over OSU, and they were also playing with a ton of pressure since they needed the win to get into the playoffs, now of course we all saw how the game played out, so obviously the Iowa backers (me included) were wrong, but there were solid reasons to take them plus the points. Also, OK St was in a very similar spot earlier in the day, they had just beaten their biggest rival in a close emotional game and they knew a win would give them a chance to make the playoffs, except they didn't play well, maybe the pressure of a playoff berth got to them, maybe mentally they were still celebrating the win over OU, or maybe Baylor was just the better team that day, but either way they didn't handle their business the way Michigan did

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Seven days into the competition, VD stands at 4-2 with one play outstanding.

Here's hoping it's an outstanding play.


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Last chance in 2021 for a win in the GC.

Tracking Rail's prop bet on Viejo's expiration by Christmas. I bet the "NO" expiration by Dec 25.

Started as >=13 losses (assuming no pushes) needed in first 25 picks, now >=11 losses needed in 19 picks.

Looking quite good for VD to last past Dec. 25, although GS OVER 216 is going to need 2OTs, 76-66 going into 4Q, so far this year, the worst shooting game for GS.

VD has yet to pull out a pick on post-Christmas bowl game, but I expect a few as we get further into the month.


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I was surprised with the under tonight, especially with the milkshake disclosure last month of unders in the NBA and its continuation since.


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I was surprised with the under tonight, especially with the milkshake disclosure last month of unders in the NBA and its continuation since.

With McCollum and Lillard out, Blazers are struggling to score (7 of 30 from 3). GS not much better at 14 of 46 so far from 3 pt land.
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this needs it's own youtube channell with rail and VD.

the problem is that I hate reading subtitles which would be needed to understand rail with his mouth full of marbles type of talking.

its as if God is saying he wants rail to be seen and not heard.

God is a jokester