EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (VIEJO DINOSAUR is our December contestant)


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this needs it's own youtube channell with rail and VD.

the problem is that I hate reading subtitles which would be needed to understand rail with his mouth full of marbles type of talking.

its as if God is saying he wants rail to be seen and not heard.

God is a jokester
If god wanted friends, he could do better than Railbird.

John Kelly

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Best of luck to VD.

Two games going tomorrow: 107 New Orleans Saints -5 and 124 L.A. Chargers -10.5.

Viejo Dinosaur

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VD really knows how to hurt a guy.

The pain of the backdoor cover wasn't enough?

In referee parlance, this is a 15-yard penalty for "unnecessary roughess."

Reminds me of the original movie The Longest Yard when Burt Reynolds threw the football into Ray Nitchke’s nuts on consecutive plays…

John Kelly

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Play 13…NFL KC/Chargers over 50.5 -106

Final score: 34-28, Chiefs, in overtime.

Lucky to win?

I beg to differ.

Felt like a just result to me.

The Chargers defense looked shot over the final 20 minutes of the game.

VD improves to 7-4.

Stop the race.


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Last chance in 2021 for a win in the GC.

Tracking Rail's prop bet on Viejo's expiration by Christmas. I bet the "NO" expiration by Dec 25.

Started as >=13 losses (assuming no pushes) needed in first 25 picks, now >=11 losses needed in 19 picks.

Looking quite good for VD to last past Dec. 25, although GS OVER 216 is going to need 2OTs, 76-66 going into 4Q, so far this year, the worst shooting game for GS.

VD has yet to pull out a pick on post-Christmas bowl game, but I expect a few as we get further into the month.

Updating the "expire" by Christmas PROP, VD now has only 4 losses, the YES needs >=9 losses in the next 10 games played before Xmas (plus 3 pending). OTOH, with 8 wins and 1 pending after Xmas, VD stays alive past Dec 25 with 4 more picks that are either graded as wins or played after Xmas.

Odds are heavily in favor of "STAYS ALIVE".

John Kelly

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Saints +11.5

Three games left…8-7 gets the cheese

Had COMPTRBOB not instituted Rule #7 of EOG's Grand Challenge ("Cannot play both sides of the same game"), VIEJO DINOSAUR would be very close to clinching the competition.

Instead, he still has to hit better than 50% over his final 15 selections.

However, the heavy lifting is over.
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