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pretty friendly of the saudis to buy oil they dont need and resell it for russia.

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as long as the price is good for europe that is fine.. It does show that Joe and intel people in the US really did not think out the oil too good. Sort of shooting from the hip. Vlad on the other hand thought out the oil excellent BUT vlad did not think the West would supply weapons and to go this far doing it. Let's face it Russia spent a lot of money only to get 20% of ukraine and the war is still not over. Both sides should have tried sitting in a room to iron things out better so there was no war..

mr merlin

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ukraine is outnumbered they said ukraine has 90k men ...russia i bet has 150k+
Ukraine should be able to break through and advance a fair distance, the russian plan will be to let them through and then pick them apart and bog them down. Once they destroy a significant amount of the "western tanks" it's over as the ukes dont have very many to pour in to replace their losses.

The question is what do the russians do then, some people say they are waiting for the uke offensive to fail and then they will launch their own offensive.