EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (JAMMER is our January contest)

John Kelly

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I'm buying a NY Post and Daily News tomorrow, hopefully Kevin Duffy and Joe Wiz still have their ads in their for the 1-900 hotline.

If there's justice in gambling, JAMMER will win at least three of his final five contest selections.

Let's go!


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I wouldn't call it fading RAS. The under was one of two plays I was looking at, so when I noticed the line moving that much, I inquired about RAS.


EOG Dedicated
UCLA 17-14 over USC, 1H, 7:13 left. In-progress total UN 126.5 -115 (WH).

UCLA 35-25 over USC, 1H, 0:22 left. In-progress total UN 132.5 -115 (WH).

UCLA 40-32 over USC, 2H, 16:14 left. In-progress total UN 130.5 -105 (WH).

UCLA 49-54 losing to USC, 2H, 6:12 left. In-progress total UN 127.5 -115 (WH).
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