Trojan fans are excited about Riley


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You never see a 4-8 team favored to win their conference next season (2/1), not to mention the heaviest action to win it all. (opened 80/1, now 20/1).

A ton of hype, but sometimes too many cooks (transfers) does spoil the soup.
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worst 12 month span for pac 12, they had horrible showings in football, basketball and baseball. ive talked about the decline on black population but i think a decline of white population is also a factor, we are being invaded by asians and hispanics


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Their offense has top 5 in every skill position.

But you don't just plug in lineman on each side of
the ball and make it work for a season.

Riley will get there but 2/1 to win PAC-12...definitely
a public perception send out.