EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (VIEJO DINOSAUR is our December contestant)

Viejo Dinosaur

EOG Master
I knew Texas Tech would get their share of points but I didn’t think that Railbird’s Daddy would quit like the dog that he is….horrible day for my quest….looks like 15-6 goes to 15-9….


EOG master
Coach Leech and his fruity tooty soft as charmin offense got manhandled by a bad TT defense, LMAO

Viejo Dinosaur

EOG Master
Railbird….any updates for me? Having trouble getting a score from Tieland sports….that’s Thailand sports for the rest of us….

Viejo Dinosaur

EOG Master
Oregon took a page out of the Mke Leech philosophy of football…ZERO DEFENSE

Just a bad pick….coming down to the wire….16-10…one more pick….

John Kelly

Born Gambler
Staff member
Play 23…replacing the Hawaii total…

Michigan +7.5 vs Georgia

thats -113, use drop down box and make it Mich +7

Mich +7.5-105

If the powers that be won’t let me use +7.5 -105 then +7 it is…leave it up to Bob

Unlikely to matter.

But we don't want any controversy here.

ComptrBob, did you follow Arturo's play on Michigan plus the points?