Lies and hypocrisy across the street


EOG Addicted
The same mod who claimed they couldn't honor my store purchases because they couldn't be sure where my residence was, after I explained to him at times I use a vpn but ordered only items available to my address on file, then a few weeks later turns around and says in bold type "You live in the US" to make some point in a discussion with me in a thread. His whole excuse for not paying me was he wasn't sure my country of residence, and then turns around and says that :LMAO

Then he says I could have bought other things instead of giving away my points, but I had earlier posted all the private messages with the mods in which he said I was frozen from the store. Naturally instead of admitting any misunderstanding, wrongdoing, or overreaction on his part he deletes the thread and permanently bans me from the forum.

That "SBRForum" mod is pure scumbag :finger004