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August 31, 2005


Most of the TV coverage of Hurricane Katrina has focused on New Orleans and the towns along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, but the town of Slidell, La. -- on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain northeast of New Orleans -- also was devastated by the storm and the subsequent flooding.

Bulls guard Chris Duhon grew up in Slidell, and while he was happy to learn his family had evacuated safely to Baton Rouge, he still felt an enormous sense of loss. Duhon announced Tuesday that he is setting up a foundation, in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to assist victims in his hometown.

''It's tough. I was just there a month ago,'' Duhon said during a brief news conference outside the United Center. ''The city was pretty much destroyed, and they're going to have to start over.''

One of the victims is Jay Carlin, Duhon's coach at Salmen High School.

''His house is right on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain,'' Duhon said, "I talked to him [Tuesday], and he said the water was eight feet above his roof.'' Duhon said former Bulls guard Jay Williams, Raymond Felton and Vin Baker have pledged contributions. Individuals and corporations wishing to contribute should send donations to the Stand Tall Foundation, c/o Chris Duhon, 1151 N. State St., Box 249, Chicago, IL 60610.
Harrah's to pay all employees for 90 days

<HR SIZE=1>Well, Gary Loveman was on the news last night and he said the company was going to apy all the Gull coast employees for 90 days and try to relocate some of them as they are going to have to rebuild these casinos.