Alumina ball - used in special adsorbent, catalyst, bed support


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Our Activated alumina balls are known for high adsorption, wide surface area and Pore Volume and Mechanical strength. They are high on demand for ease of handling, non-corrosive nature, capacity for repeated regeneration, Inert towards liquid water, stability to fairly high temperature, low resistance to gas flow, great mechanical strength and can achieve low dew point of - 75oC. hslabrasive
Applications as Specialty Adsorbent, Catalyst / Catalyst Carrier, Bed Support​
Drying of air, gases, and liquids​
Purification and conditioning of insulating oil and Industrial oils​
Removal of acidic impurities and trace metal scavenging in organic streams and inorganic gases (fluoride scavenging in HF alkylation and feedstock purification)​
Removal of oil vapour from gases​
Purification of drinking water e.g. removal of fluoride compounds etc.​
Refrigeration circuits, transit packing for goods like electronic pharmaceutical and food.​
Used as catalyst & catalyst bed support / carriers. Grade FR - I used as fire retardant fillers.​
As bed toppings and supports to remove impurities from the gas stream​
Withstand high thermal shocks​
Useful as inert catalyst support in secondary reformers of ammonia manufacturing plant and also oil refineries and chemical process industries.​
As refractory bed top plugs supports to protect the catalyst bed from thermal impurity.​
Activated Alumina Balls (for Adsorption) : 50kg Fibre Drum​
Activated Alumina Balls (for Bed Support) : Steel drum of 200 litres with inside poly liner containing 280 kg​
Ceramic Balls (for Bed Support) : Steel drum of 200 litres with inside poly liner containing 280 kg silicon carbide grit bulk wholesale