Trump Indicted!


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"Nobody can explain to me how allowing millions of people from places unknown, from countries unknown, who don’t speak languages,” he confusingly railed. “We have languages coming into our country, we have nobody that even speaks those languages. They’re truly foreign languages. Nobody speaks them and they’re pouring into our country, and they’re bringing with them tremendous problems, including medical problems, as you know.”

boston massacre

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This was a bad weekend for trump...slurring and incoherent...will only get worse

You Lost Another Communist Maneuver There, Sally.


Supreme Court Rules Trump to Stay on Ballot in Unanimous Ruling​

The high court ruled that states cannot enforce Section 3 to remove a presidential candidate, one day ahead of Super Tuesday.


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have you seen the lunatic gop candidate for North Carolina Governor....start with he's a holo denier and go from there