New York Senator Wants to Add Fixed-Odds Horse Racing to State’s New Mobile Betting Market

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Updated September 18, 2020 - 8:41 pm

Dozens of people gathered Friday night in a parking lot outside a Boulder Highway hotel-casino to bring awareness to Lesly Palacio’s death and seek the public’s help in finding two suspects in the case.

It’s just a five-minute drive from her mother’s house to the Longhorn Casino &Hotel, where the 22-year-old woman was last seen Aug. 29 leaving with Erick Rangel-Ibarra, who Las Vegas police say is a suspect in the homicide.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal


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A guy who fought Ali and Foreman was a security guard at Ellis island for a time. think it was around late 90's. Ron Lyle.
The Foreman fight Lyle knocked him down twice in the same round. Then Foreman knocked Lyle out two rounds later. Foreman said Lyle was the toughest guy he ever fought.


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Had a buddy who was a regular drinker at Ellis Island back when Lyle was working security there. Buddy told me one night a drunk player at the blackjack table was causing a problem. Security was called to escort the customer off the property. Lyle is one of the security guys called to help get the guy out who doesn't want to leave.

The customer turns to Lyle says i ain't leaving, so kiss my ass nigger. My buddy says one punch from Lyle and the guy was out cold before he hit the ground. then medical was called. it took a few minutes for the guy to start opening his eyes.

i told my buddy i hope the guy found out who it was that laid him out. That way he had a great story to tell that he got knocked out by a guy who fought for the heavyweight championship of the world.