NBA Indiana Pacers - Oklahoma City Thunder


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NBA Indiana Pacers - Oklahoma City Thunder

Recommendation: Thunder - 3

Odds: 1.877

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

Going against my favourite Pacers here as I don’t see too many chances for them tonight unfortunately. They are still on pace for landing our antepost bet on them for a positive season record and I doubt Indiana will let so big turnaround in their fortune as to miss the play-offs. First round exit is on the cards though and it’s evident that this team needs a second (semi-)star to help Paulie Gold as Monta Ellis can’t fill properly this role anymore.

Pacers have lost 2 of the last 3 and have been outrebounded in these games. Myles Turner production dwindled which is very much excusable for a rookie but George’s shooting percentage lately (around 35 %) is not really.

Thunder are roaring, at least when playing lesser teams J

They’ve lost the first game in the series in Oklahoma and revenge should be a big factor for both Westbrook and Durant. Russell is having his best season arguably, recording triple-doubles with speed, being achieved only by Grant Hill and J-Kidd before. Oklahoma won easily against Sixers, preserved some energy for tonight’s game. Indiana won’t give up easily but Oklahoma will prevail in the end.