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Mobile technology has been witnessing a revolution of sorts, with new trends taking over the market by storm at a much more regular frequency than ever before. With mobile technology trends, iOS app development trends have their own degree of importance.

As far as iOS apps are concerned, there are about 2 million apps dedicated to Apple’s App Store, while Apple app developers have raked in about $100 million till the last year itself. This has made it all the more imperative for iPhone app development services to keep up with the latest trends in iOS app development.

If the latest data is anything to go by, there are more than 4 million apps available for access to users. This means that there are a lot of app options to consider even for a single purpose for users. From a developer perspective, with the rising number of apps in the App Store, the need to keep up with the changing trends increases as well.

iOS app development services and developers in Chicago should keep the following trends in mind, which will prove assistive in understanding the future of iOS apps and technology that is going to come up in the years ahead-

1- Better Security Protocols

Security protocols still continue to be an integral trend in mobile applications. The security algorithms of Apple are something which the world is aware about. Layers and layers of complex security policies that do not allow any kind of access are what governs Apple operations.

However, hack attacks have seen a lot of increase in the past few years, and even a little error can lead to a lot of damage. Apple has constantly made efforts to provide a safe environment for the users to improve overall security to prevent data and security breaches.

It is safe to say that the steps in enhancing security protocols will be something that shall continue in 2020 as well.

2- Swift Programming

As far as iOS app trends are concerned, there has to be a definite mention of Swift. Swift is Apple’s official language that is used in building different iOS applications. In fact, Swift has enabled a lot of iOS developers in and around Chicago to turn their development trends into reality.

In fact, App Store has more than 300,000 apps that have been written in Swift language. The preference for Swift stems from its features like flexibility, security, efficiency and scalability. Swift has seen a recent update from Apple, which is known as Swift 5, to further help iOS app development.

3- The Apple HomeKit

The Apple HomeKit is a great offering to all users because of the number of benefits it provides. Users are able to control and communicate with all the connected devices just with an app. Due to this, companies are constantly working to build smart products which can easily be integrated with these devices.

The trend of creating products and apps for HomeKit will see a rise because of the ease in use they bring with it. Home automation will see a revolution of sorts, and IoT elements too, will witness a growth.

4- More IoT Focused iOS Apps

The technique of IoT is becoming more prevalent for iPhone mobile application developers all over the world today. IoT helps in binding connections, and this is why there is a lot of buzz where IoT is concerned.

The future of IoT can bring a lot of added value for iOS developers while making things a lot easier for the final users as well.

5- More Advanced Siri With Better AI

Ever since the integration of Siri into multiple Apple devices, the brand received a much better reception the world over. The voice assistant proved to be pretty impressive because of its great features and also the sheer functionality that was on offer for the users. The AI quotient also boosted to the working of Siri to a large extent.

2020 will surely be seeing more sophisticated improvements in AI with every update in iOS versions.

These are some of the latest trends in iOS app development that will dominate the development field for Apple in 2020. Given the pace of innovation and development, there can be significant changes in these trends way before the year ends as well.

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