EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (DRINK is our November contestant)

John Kelly

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BIG trouble for DRINK in the three games currently in progress.

Looks like he'll need Washington State +14 over Oregon to show a profit on the day.


EOG Master
oregon +3 over the utards, asu was -2.5 same spot, has utah improved? no, they exsposed a shitty coach and an unorganized offense in asu and beat a qb less stanford. oregon has improved.


EOG Master
strategy tip for drink, now that you have 1 tie, your next tie is your freind it is the same as a win because 17-11-2 is good enough , i would consider some hockey totals lined at 6, 5 would even better but their isnt 5s these days, another good idea would be use the drop down box at pinnacle and take a nhl hockey team at +1 or -1 as long as it is under -110, but it plays as -170 or so


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What are you smoking JK. When is the last time someone went 7-0. Says almost nobody. I know stay optimistic