EOG's Best Bet thread for Sunday, June 9


The opening odds start here
You are not doing as bad as me, Jimmy. 0-14 losing streak with no end in sight. Zverev will be 15.
A little cheer up for Dell. Fell asleep and woke up 2 minutes too late to play SF/Texas over 8.5. it's 7-2 in the 5th. I thought Sunday games took place in Arlington at 2:05 est.

Dell Dude

EOG Master
Computer Bob request. What is the longest confirmed poster losing streak? Clemson goes down, will be 0-19.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Winkyduck 1376-1980-112 +16.33 UNITS - (June 27: CNN Prez Debate winner (As determined by Polls): Biden +110; MLB RSW Plays - both Sox UNDER: Boston 80.5 -115, White 63.5 -120 and Angels Un72.5 -115, Phillies more RSW than Rangers -120, Royals more RSW than Pirates -110, Most RSW HR: Bryce Harper over Mike Trout -105, Rockies longest losing streak UN9.5 games -110; Beto O'Rourke to be Dem 2024 POTUS Nominee 66-1, Kari Lake to be 2024 GOP VP Nominee: 40-1; 2024 Republican Senate Races MoV - all UNDER: Missouri 11.5% -120, Tennessee 19.5% -120, Texass 6% +150. Democrat elected to Senate in AZ -175; Joe Biden to win the 2024 POTUS Election +165; San Diego Chargers to MISS the Playoffs -105)