Twin Spires


EOG Master
I, along with many others, feel that whatever Churchill Downs touches, becomes a cancerous tumor. Case in point with Twin Spires; the Churchill owned sportsbook.

Awhile back, CDI bought Presque Isle Downs; a racetrack/casino/sportsbook in Erie PA. Last October, I bet the Atlanta Hawks under 42 1/2 wins at the Twin Spires book. Today was the last day of the regular season. With 36 wins, it was a winning ticket. I thought there was a chance they could cash the ticket before the game was over, but no luck. After the game concluded (with Atlanta giving up nearly 160 points), I waited 15 minutes and went to cash. Nope. "Pending", i was told. I decided to get a late lunch and watch some MLB. Afterward, I went back to cash the ticket. It was 90 minutes after the game concluded; once again "pending". I had driven about 85 miles; not a full day but not a drive I want to have to make again needlessly. How about mailing the ticket in? Nope. Any ticket valued at over $600 can not be redeemed via the mail, according to the bet slip. I wouldn't be surprised if they make me wait until the NBA Finals are over. Damn thieves.


EOG Master
everygame does the same shit. had an nhl future it was graded the other day even though the team was eliminated a while ago.