Golden Gate Fields Closes After 83 Years...


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Ahhh....the memories of Ron Hansen manipulating a race or Russell Baze stiffing a horse out of the gate.

Home of Silky Sullivan and the track Shoemaker got his start....


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Great location, right on the bay. Can't believe the only tracks left in the Bay Area are the fair tracks Pleasanton and Santa Rosa.

John Kelly

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Golden Gate Fields is the punch line for one of my favorite racetrack jokes.

Horse trainer at Santa Anita says to a disgruntled owner of a mediocre racehorse, "Your horse needs more distance."

The owner asks, "What do you think, a mile or a mile-and-a-sixteenth?"

The trainer says, "Your horse needs to travel about 380 Golden Gate Fields."

Viejo Dinosaur

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Many great times at Bay Meadows and Golden Gate Fields…once operated a book two blocks from Bay Meadows for the Cigar…early 90s


The opening odds start here
The declining industry and evolving away from horse racing making profits had a lot to do with the compression to Santa Anita.