All-Star Game to be decided by Home Run Derby, if tied after 9 innings

Patrick McIrish

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FWIW I'm okay with what BM is doing when it comes to grading this mess, they're making the best out of a bad situation.

You certainly aren't going to make everyone happy. State how you will grade papers ahead of time and carry on, that's all you can do.

Now if we could just stop with the "show" and play baseball. Never thought I'd be pining for just the regular stooges that call the games......

It's great Big Pappi is going to say hello to every Latino in the stadium, I just don't give a shit to have to listen.


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watching this year is not the same. I sign up for it then they start selling a game or two to peacock / apple then we have the blackout games. I want all the games on one station. I would pay more but give me all the games.

NFL and NBA do the same thing with amazon / apple whatever

John Kelly

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Alex Manoah seemed like a fun guy.

Loved when he struck out his third hitter of the inning and he danced to the dugout saying, "Three punches! Three punchies!"